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Under construction air conditioning specialists:

Air conditioning for your home Mechanical ventilation
Air conditioning for your office Electrical
Fit-out works Compliance and certification
In-house engineer Professional system design
Quote from plans BMS and control specialists
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Works going well at Novatel Darling Harbour. Almost half way through the upgrade of 230 hotel rooms. Including new air conditioning in each room, toilet exahust, BMS controller, electrical works and ... See more

Air Conditioning Specialists in Sydney

At Ozone Air Conditioning we are specialists in mechanical service in Sydney. We offer both commercial and residential service and maintenance for air conditioning in the Sydney region. Whether you’re sweltering in the Sydney summer, or shivering from the cold winters, we have a system that’s right for you and your lifestyle needs. We have years of experience and expertise in the industry and service mainly the eastern suburbs of Sydney, the Sydney CBD and the inner west.

Ozone Air Conditioning uses the highest quality Daikin systems and the most up to date heat load calculation software to offer you the highest standard air conditioning in Sydney. To ensure that we not only provide high quality products, but high quality service, we ensure that we maintain open communication with our residential and commercial clients who are seeking our air conditioning expertise.

Whether your residence is under construction or simply in need of air conditioning in Sydney regions, we are able to professionally install your air conditioning with a wealth of experience in split system, multi systems, ducted systems and VRV.

Our commercial air conditioning in Sydney provides the highest quality for customers. In under construction buildings Ozone Air Conditioning aims to provide the building’s overall efficiency to reduce the costs of utilising building air conditioning. As your business changes and develops, your air conditioning system can as well, as Ozone Air Conditioning has the knowledge to upgrade your system as needed.

Other commercial advantages of installing a Daikin system with Ozone Air Conditioning is the minimal down time and possibility for individual tenancy, which is calculated through an advanced Daikin technology that accurately charges tenants for only what they use.

Safety is extremely important to us, so we maintain the highest standard of WH&S and ensure that our procedures ensure wellbeing of not only our specialised team but also your staff and surroundings.

For a no obligation, free quote contact Ozone Air Conditioning for the best air conditioning Sydney has to offer.


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Air Condition Service in Sydney

Ozone Air Conditioning offers its customers a wealth of knowledge and experience in mechanical air conditioning services in Sydney. We provide an extensive range of services that suit both commercial and residential purposes for both under construction or built buildings, our expertise and experience allow us to service any project of any size.

Each Ozone Air Conditioning project is professionally installed and designed by our Daikin trained specialists. Due to its high quality and our own customer feedback, Daikin is our brand of choice.

We offer a range of service to our residential and commercial customers. We have a full time air conditioning service department, we aim to attend to all necessary repairs and services with as little waiting and down time as possible for our customers. To prevent delays our service vehicles are fully equipped with a variety of parts, allowing your repairs to be completed as soon as possible whilst keeping cost minimal.

Our average fault find for residential homes is under 30 minutes, and under 60 minutes for commercial buildings. We provide written reports and ensure that our customers are aware of any additional costs in repairing their air conditioning system. Our prices remain extremely competitive despite the high quality of products that Ozone Air Conditioning provides.

Our maintenance service is Sydney-wide with experience in a variety of air conditioning maintenance needs. Through an initial consultation we are able to develop an appropriate maintenance program for your residential or commercial requirements. Maintenance schedules can vary from medical, retail, commercial and residential purposes.

Being part of an Ozone Air Conditioning maintenance program ensures that you have the highest priority in repairs and service 24/7 with a 24/7 flat rate. Our rapid response rate is due to both the skill of our staff but also the efficient booking system we have in place that cuts down on travel time between locations and jobs.